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Helite Airbag

HELITE was founded in 2002 by Gérard Thevenot, one of the French pioneer and entrepreneurs in the light aircraft industry. His thirst for invention and conscience for safety has pushed him into creating Helite. First created to develop more safety in the light aircraft sector, Gérard rapidly understood the crucial need for more security in all types of applications.


HELITE is exclusively dedicated to develop airbag systems through a combination of knowledgeable staff and advanced engineering solutions. More than R&D work, Helite is also an expert in the manufacturing of inflatable protective equipment and the leading developer and the first manufacturer in Europe of wearable airbag systems: more than 60 000 airbags are in use today. 


Design, development and manufacturing of the airbag systems is conducted by HELITE in Dijon, France. Every single airbag and trigger system is carefully tested and quality controlled. Our airbags are already in use in several high-risk applications, for example for motorcyclists, horse-riders, skiers and pilots. Many developments are also used in the industry, as OEM projects. Our OEM projects impose us high standards of quality and reliability. Our protective garments are particularly appreciated by professional sportsmen, that can’t afford any injuries.


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