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Midland Bike Guardian Kamera


Bike Guardian is the first motorbike camera assuring continous recording thanks to its rainproof power cord. Bike Guardian, the new motorbike camera with Full HD resolution, designed and built to be another "eye" that records everything that happens while you're riding. Highly useful in the event of an accident to prove who was involved and who was to blame. Once plugged into the motorbike's USB socket, it starts recording automatically when the bike is switched on and turns itself off when the bike is switched off. Bike guardian can also be used as a traditional action cam and, thanks to its integrated battery, allows up to 2 hours recording. Built-in microphone.




Midland Radio Corporation is an international industry leader in wireless communications with affiliates in Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom, as well as representation in Latin America.  Midland develops high quality consumer products such as Wearable Action Cameras, GMRS Two-Way Radios, Citizen Band (CB) Radios, Marine Radios, Bluetooth intercom systems, and All Hazards/Weather Alert Radios.

Known in the 70’s primarily for CB radios and household electronics, Midland has grown with the times by producing innovative new communications products and by actively promoting public emergency preparedness.   Midland has manufactured quality Two-Way Radios for over 50 years and is a market leader in several additional product categories.

Midland is also a leading manufacturer of Land Mobile Radios and supplies professional grade analog and digital (P25 Technology) Portables, Mobiles and Base Stations/Repeaters for government entities such as forestry and public safety, as well as other commercial users.


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