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Cardo Audiokit Packtalk Bold


Cardo Audiokit Packtalk Bold 

Spesiell Audio/mikrofon Kit for bruk med Scala Rider Freecom serien.


  • lyd sett med utskiftbare høyttalere
  • feste med klips eller lim plate
  • egnet for nesten alle hjelmer
  • utskiftbare hybrid og kablet mikrofon



- Cardo Scala Rider Freecom serien


- Lyd sett

- Hybride og kablede mikrofoner

- Hybrid mikrofon klipp

- Høyttalere (40 mm), utskiftbare

- Høyttaler booster pads

- Borrelås pads

- Lim plate

- Pre-fuktet pad

- Mikrofon svamper

- Installasjon guide


CARDO Systems

CARDO Systems

Back in 2003 …

We were one of a few companies creating Bluetooth headpieces for early cellphones. We called them Scala, and they were special because of our unique wind-suppressing technology. With Scala, users' voice came across crystal-clear and noise-free.


Then, one day, riding on a motorcycle to the office, lightning struck!
What will happen if we take the same Bluetooth and wind-suppressing technology, wrap it inside a sturdy waterproof shell and attach it to a helmet? Now riders like us could connect to their music, their phone, and most of all - to each other.


The challenge

We believed - we still do - that riding a motorcycle shouldn’t mean we can’t enjoy the company of our friends. So, we put our best man to the challenge (really our best man, he’s still with us, and he's our oldest employee), and a year later we launched the world’s first motorcycle Bluetooth headset.
It was a blast. A true marvel of innovation, though we could possibly have been more innovative in its choice of a name - Scala Rider.

The Scala Rider legend is born

Seeing that we were on to something, we decided to stop making earpieces for phones and focus on making the lives of our fellow riders better. We’ve been committed to this endeavor ever since.


Word's 1st Bluetooth headset

Scala Rider creates a new motorcycle reality with the world's first motorcycle Bluetooth headset.

… and now

We are proud to introduce the ultimate sound experience for motorcycle riders by JBL. Resident in our 2019 top-of-the-line Packtalks and in Freecom 4+, Cardo-JBL partnership delivers - for the very first time - an ultimate listening experience whether you are tackling a mountain pass or just zooming down the freeway.

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