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Falco 483 Land


En allsidig lett støvel som passer fleste. Spesielt godt om du har kraftige legger.


The Italian manufacturer FALCO, specialized in the conception of motorcycles boots reveals us its range of boots to low stalk: the 483 LAND boots and their touring look.
This little boot Falco LAND was conceived for one optimal ease of custom to the everyday life on GT, crosstourer motorcycles.
Besides their sober and modern design, these waterproof 483 LAND boots offer at once excellent protection, comfort and lightness.

Technical characteristics:
- Micro synthetic upper
- "High-Tex" waterproof membrane
- "Air-Tech" ventilated upper
- d3o material ankle cups inserts
- Shock-absorbing wedge on heel bottom
- Side velcro strap closure
- Rear calf stretch accordion
- Reinforcement for selector
- Hard wearing vulcanized rubber sole
- CE EPI approved







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