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Richa Touareg Black Jakke


Touareg jakke fra Belgiske Richa, med meget gode materialer og mye ventilasjon.

"3 in 1" jakke som passer til flere kjøreforhold.


  • Høy tetthet polyamide ytterskall med mesh lining.
  • Rifte- og slitesterkt ripstop materiale.
  • Avtagbar pustende Humax Membrane® powerskin med en myk komfortabel indre mesh lining.

Beskyttelse & Sikkerhet:

  • EVA Foam hoftebeskyttelse.
  • D3O Beskyttelse på albu og skuldre CE Sertifisert i samsvar med prEN1621-1:2011 (Level 1)
  • D3O Ryggbeskyttelse CE Sertifisert i samsvar med EN1621-2:2011 (Level 1)

Spesielle egenskaper:

  • 2 ekstra vanntette lommer for enkelt å lagre brystlommene (avtagbare brystlommer), 2 utsidig lommer rundt livet.
  • Retro Reflective technology for maksimal synlighet.
  • Avtagbar Thermolining.
  • Richa Contra Glide technology - antiskli
  • Luftventiler foran bryst (2 stk), skulder (2 stk) bak (2 stk).
  • 1 vanntett innerlomme.
  • Justerbar bredde på over- og under-arm.
  • Justerbar i livet - med borrelås. 
  • Avtagbare brystlommer som åpner for maksimal ventilasjon (mesh lining bak de avtagbare lommene).
  • Myk neoprene krage
  • Krage med borrelås og håndterings-sløyfe.
  • D3O2 in 1 JacketsAVSRetro ReflexContra GlideRipstop FabricHumaxWaterproof






A motorcycle is not only a joy machine or a best friend in daily traffic. Above all it is a machine of wonders, to be handled with care.

On the road or in the dirt, once the engine has started, rider and bike are united: this is where you become equally important as the metal bird you’re riding.

Our daily quest for developing the most superior motorcycle gear, ended in what will turn out to be the best RICHA collection ever. Or should we say ‘so far’?

Since 1956, we have been trying to cross technical boundaries, on our everlasting journey to maximum safety and comfort.

On this journey, we found a trustworthy companion in D3O, providing the 2014 Richa collection with the best motorcycle armour in the world.

Your safety being our major concern, we are proud to introduce our new “high density fabric” that enhances the abrasion level of nearly all new jackets and trousers.

The success of the c_change™ technology used in the Touring and Spirit products has crossed ocean borders, convincing riders all over the world of the ultimate climate comfort.

The 2014 collection is the result of an intensive restyling and improvement of design, fitting, and materials. Touring, vintage, racing and urban commuter are our four kingdoms playing their game of thrones to earn your choice and loyalty.

Each style, carrying its own details, is ready to conquer the world: nowadays you can find the Richa motorcycle clothing and accessories in more than 25 countries, from Europe to Africa, Asia, North and South America.

To capture the essence of riding, your opinion remains of utmost importance. Your direct feedback is our first source for improving our collection, and developing new technologies.

Richa is far more than a brand name: it is a motorcycle lifestyle.

A way of life in which we all share the values we try to establish in our motorcycle gear: safety, comfort & passion.


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